Machinist Harper fortnite

Machinist Harper is a skilled engineer who specializes in creating and deploying deadly traps. She is known for her advanced knowledge of technology and her ability to improvise in any situation. She’s one of the few heroes who can turn the tide of a battle by setting up traps that can devastate the enemy.

Perks of Machinist Harper

Machinist Harper’s main perk is “Tough Traps”, which increases the durability of traps. This means that her traps can last longer and deal more damage to the enemy. Additionally, she has a range of other perks that improve her trap-building abilities, including “Creative Engineering” which increases the damage dealt by her traps, and “Overclocked Traps” which reduces the cooldown time of traps.

Skills of Machinist Harper

Machinist Harper has three main skills that are focused on trap building and defense. Her first skill is Plasma Pulse, which creates a wave of energy that deals damage to enemies within its range. Her second skill is R.O.S.I.E, a powerful turret that can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Her third skill is DECOY, which attracts enemies to it and explodes, dealing damage to them.

How to Play Machinist Harper?

Machinist Harper is best used as a defender in missions where you need to defend a particular area. Her trap-building abilities make her very effective at setting up traps to deal with incoming waves of enemies.

When playing as Machinist Harper, focus on building trap tunnels and placing R.O.S.I.E turrets in strategic locations. Use Plasma Pulse to deal damage to enemies that manage to get through your traps, and use DECOY to distract enemies and lead them into your traps.

Final Thoughts

Machinist Harper is an excellent hero for players who enjoy a more strategic playstyle. Her trap-building abilities make her very effective at defending objectives, and her Plasma Pulse and R.O.S.I.E skills can deal a lot of damage to enemies.

She may not be the best hero for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle, but she’s a great choice for those who like to set up traps and watch their enemies fall into them.

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