Lotus Assassin Ken fortnite

Lotus Assassin Ken is a stealthy and deadly ninja who has honed his skills through years of rigorous training. He is a member of the Lotus Assassin Brotherhood, a secretive organization that uses their mastery of ninjutsu to eliminate their targets with precision and efficiency. Ken is a master of assassination and uses his skills to eliminate his enemies quickly and quietly.

Perks of Lotus Assassin Ken

Lotus Assassin Ken’s main perk is “Assassination,” which grants him a stack of Assassination for every melee weapon damage he deals, up to a maximum of five stacks. Each stack increases his melee weapon damage by 4.5% for five seconds. This perk allows Ken to quickly eliminate enemies with his melee weapons and become even deadlier as he deals more damage.

Skills of  Lotus Assassin Ken

  1. Throwing Stars: Ken throws a fan of three stars that deal damage to all enemies in their path.
  2. Dragon Slash: Ken slashes his sword, creating a wave of energy that deals damage to all enemies in its path.
  3. Smoke Bomb: Ken drops a smoke bomb that obscures his enemies’ vision and deals damage to them over time.

How to Play Lotus Assassin Ken?

Lotus Assassin Ken is a close-range fighter who excels at dealing damage with his melee weapons. He can quickly eliminate enemies with his Throwing Stars and Dragon Slash, and his Smoke Bomb allows him to escape dangerous situations or to set up ambushes. His Assassination perk makes him even deadlier in melee combat, allowing him to take down enemies quickly and efficiently.

To play as Lotus Assassin Ken, focus on getting up close and personal with your enemies. Use your Throwing Stars to soften them up, then close in for the kill with your melee weapons. Use your Dragon Slash to clear out groups of enemies or to deal damage to a high-priority target. Your Smoke Bomb is great for escaping dangerous situations or for setting up ambushes.

Final Thoughts

Lotus Assassin Ken is a great choice for players who prefer a fast and deadly playstyle. His Assassination perk makes him incredibly deadly in melee combat, and his skills allow him to deal damage quickly and efficiently. If you enjoy playing as a ninja and want to take your melee combat skills to the next level, then Lotus Assassin Ken is the hero for you.

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