Kyle the 13th fortnite guide

Kyle the 13th is a Constructor hero who came from the darkness of the Friday the 13th horror movies. He was once a cursed victim, but he rose from the dead with an iron will to fight against the evil forces that haunt him.

Perks of Kyle the 13th

Kyle the 13th has the “I’m Just Not User-Friendly” perk, which makes his D.E.C.O.Y reflect 15 base damage back at enemies that melee attack it. This can be useful in protecting objectives and dealing damage to enemies.

Skills of Kyle the 13th

  1. D.E.C.O.Y: This skill deploys a decoy that attracts husks and takes damage on behalf of nearby structures. Enemies that melee attack the decoy will take damage from the “I’m Just Not User-Friendly” perk.
  2. Plasma Pulse: This skill creates a wave of energy that deals energy damage to enemies in a cone in front of the player. It can be helpful in clearing out waves of husks or damaging large targets.
  3. Bull Rush: This skill charges forward, knocking back enemies and dealing damage in a line. It can be useful in creating space or dealing with groups of husks.

How to Play Kyle the 13th?

As a Constructor hero, Kyle the 13th is best used for defensive play. His D.E.C.O.Y can be used to protect objectives and structures, while his other skills can be used to clear out husks or deal with larger threats. His “I’m Just Not User-Friendly” perk makes his D.E.C.O.Y a powerful tool for dealing damage to enemies, especially those who melee attack it.

Final Thoughts

Kyle the 13th is a unique hero with a horror-inspired theme. His “I’m Just Not User-Friendly” perk makes him stand out from other Constructors, and his skills can be effective in defensive play. He may not be the most versatile hero, but he can be a valuable addition to any team looking to fortify their defenses.

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