Kurohomura fortnite guide

Kurohomura is an Outlander hero who was added to Fortnite during the Heroes of the Storm event in 2018. He is a skilled fighter who uses his seismic powers to control the battlefield and take down his enemies.

Perks of Kurohomura

Kurohomura’s main perk is “Seismic Stun,” which applies a 3.3 second stun and 1,500 impact to enemies in a small area around him when he uses Seismic Smash. This can be incredibly useful for controlling crowds of enemies and giving yourself and your teammates an advantage in battle.

Skills of Kurohomura

Kurohomura’s three skills are Seismic Smash, Phase Shift, and Shock Tower.

  • Seismic Smash: This ability allows Kurohomura to leap into the air and slam down onto the ground, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area around him. With his “Seismic Stun” perk, this ability also stuns enemies for 3.3 seconds and deals 1,500 impact.

  • Phase Shift: This ability allows Kurohomura to teleport a short distance in the direction he’s moving. This can be useful for getting out of danger or repositioning yourself in battle.

  • Shock Tower: This ability deploys a tower that zaps nearby enemies with electricity, dealing damage over time. This can be useful for taking out enemies who are clustered together or for setting up a defensive position.

How to Play Kurohomura?

Kurohomura is a hero who excels at controlling crowds of enemies and disrupting enemy formations. His “Seismic Stun” perk is incredibly useful for this, as it can stun enemies and give you and your teammates an opening to attack. When using Seismic Smash, be sure to aim for groups of enemies, and use Phase Shift to get out of danger if you need to. Shock Tower can be useful for defending against enemy attacks or for taking out groups of enemies who are clustered together.

Kurohomura is best played as an offensive hero who moves quickly and strikes hard. Use his seismic powers to control the battlefield and keep enemies on their toes. With his “Seismic Stun” perk and powerful abilities, Kurohomura can be a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.

Final Thoughts

Kurohomura is a unique and powerful Outlander hero who brings a lot of utility and crowd control to any team. With his seismic powers and devastating abilities, he can take down enemies quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a hero who can control the battlefield and give your team an edge in battle, Kurohomura is definitely worth considering.

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