Jolly Headhunter fortnite guide

Jolly Headhunter is a festive Soldier hero who celebrates every holiday with her trusty guns. She’s always in high spirits and ready to spread some cheer, even in the midst of battle.

Perks of Jolly Headhunter

Jolly Headhunter’s main perk is “Present… Arms!”, which increases the damage of ranged weapons. This makes her a great choice for players who like to focus on gunplay.

Skills of Jolly Headhunter

Jolly Headhunter has access to three skills that complement her perk: Lefty and Righty, Frag Grenade, and War Cry. Lefty and Righty allows her to dual-wield pistols and deal a significant amount of damage. Frag Grenade is a powerful explosive that can clear out groups of enemies. War Cry boosts the attack speed and damage of nearby allies, making Jolly Headhunter a valuable asset in team play.

How to Play Jolly Headhunter?

As a Soldier hero, Jolly Headhunter excels at dealing ranged damage. Use her perk and ranged weapons to take down enemies from a safe distance. When facing groups of enemies, use Frag Grenade to deal significant damage and clear out the area.

Lefty and Righty can also be used to deal a lot of damage quickly, but it has a limited duration, so use it strategically. War Cry is a great skill to use when playing with a team, as it will boost the damage of everyone in the area.

Final Thoughts

Jolly Headhunter is a fun and festive hero to play, and her “Present… Arms!” perk makes her a strong choice for players who prefer ranged combat. She’s a great choice for players who want to spread some holiday cheer while taking down husks in Fortnite.

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