Intergalactic Ken fortnite

Intergalactic Ken is a legendary Ninja hero in Fortnite: Save the World. He is part of the Space Explorer set and was added to the game in the 8.0 patch. Intergalactic Ken comes with the Energy Siphon perk and has three unique abilities, Throwing Stars, Crescent Kick, and Kunai Storm, that can be used to eliminate hordes of Husks.

Intergalactic Ken’s Story

He was once a young boy who dreamed of exploring the galaxy. He built his own spaceship and set off into space to fulfill his dreams. Along the way, he discovered the dangers of the galaxy and became a skilled fighter, learning to harness the power of energy to defeat his enemies.

Perks & Skills

The Energy Siphon perk allows Intergalactic Ken to gain energy from defeated enemies, which can be used to power his abilities. Throwing Stars are a ranged attack that can be used to take down Husks from a distance, while Crescent Kick is a close-range attack that deals heavy damage in a wide arc. Kunai Storm is a powerful ability that allows Ken to leap into the air and rain down explosive knives on his enemies.

How to Play Intergalactic Ken?

To play Intergalactic Ken effectively, players should focus on using his abilities to take down groups of Husks quickly. Throwing Stars are great for picking off enemies from a distance, while Crescent Kick and Kunai Storm can be used to deal with large groups of enemies that get too close. Make sure to take advantage of the Energy Siphon perk to keep your energy levels high so that you can keep using your abilities.

Final Thoughts

Intergalactic Ken is a powerful Ninja hero with a unique set of abilities and the Energy Siphon perk. He is great for players who enjoy playing aggressively and taking down large groups of Husks quickly. Give him a try and see how much damage you can deal to the enemy waves in Fortnite: Save the World.

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