Infiltrator Ken fortnite

Infiltrator Ken is a Ninja class hero in Fortnite: Save the World. He has a stealthy and cunning personality, perfect for the role of a ninja. Here’s a guide on his story, perks, skills, how to play him, and final thoughts.

Story of Infiltrator Ken

 Infiltrator Ken was part of a special forces team sent to investigate a laboratory that was conducting illegal experiments. During the mission, Ken was exposed to a chemical that enhanced his physical abilities, allowing him to become an expert in stealth and infiltration. He joined Homebase to help fight against the Storm and protect humanity.

Perks of Infiltrator Ken

 Infiltrator Ken’s primary perk is “Endless Smoke,” which increases the duration of his Smoke Bomb ability by 2 seconds. His additional perks include “Corrosive Stars,” which causes Throwing Stars to deal additional damage over time, and “Assassination,” which increases melee weapon damage by 17%.

Skills of Infiltrator Ken

Infiltrator Ken has three skills: Smoke Bomb, Throwing Stars, and Dragon Slash. Smoke Bomb creates a cloud of smoke that blinds and damages enemies within its area of effect. Throwing Stars allow Ken to throw a series of projectiles that deal damage to enemies. Dragon Slash unleashes a wave of energy that deals damage in a cone in front of Ken.

How to Play Infiltrator Ken?

 Infiltrator Ken excels at stealthy and close-range combat. Use his Smoke Bomb to disorient enemies and get up close for devastating melee attacks. Throwing Stars can be used to deal damage from a distance, and Dragon Slash is great for clearing out groups of enemies. Be mindful of Infiltrator Ken’s low health pool and stay on the move to avoid taking too much damage.

Final Thoughts

 Infiltrator Ken is a versatile and fun hero to play as in Fortnite: Save the World. His Smoke Bomb ability is great for setting up ambushes and taking out enemies quickly, while his Throwing Stars and Dragon Slash provide options for dealing damage at range and in melee combat. His “Endless Smoke” perk also makes him a valuable addition to any team. If you enjoy playing as a stealthy ninja, give Infiltrator Ken a try.

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