How to Play The Ice King in Fortnite?

The Ice King is the ruler of the Ice Kingdom and a powerful sorcerer. He was once a human named Simon, who found an ancient crown that granted him immense power but also corrupted him. He now seeks to cover the island in ice and snow, freezing everything in his path.

Perks of The Ice King

The Ice King’s Frozen Castle perk is particularly useful for base defense missions, as it can slow down enemies trying to reach the player’s base. Additionally, his B.A.S.E. ability can be upgraded to increase the health of structures, making them more resilient to enemy attacks.

Skills of The Ice King

  1. R.O.S.I.E.: This ability allows The Ice King to set up a powerful turret that deals high damage to enemies. It has a long cooldown time but can be very effective in holding off hordes of enemies.
  2. DECOY: The DECOY ability creates a decoy that taunts enemies and draws their fire, giving the player time to take them out from a safe distance.
  3. Bull Rush: Bull Rush allows The Ice King to charge forward and knock back enemies in his path. This can be useful for clearing out groups of enemies or pushing them away from the player’s base.

How to Play The Ice King?

The Ice King is best used in defensive missions where he can set up a base and hold off waves of enemies. He can be particularly effective when paired with other Constructors or heroes with defensive abilities. It’s important to place his B.A.S.E. ability strategically to cover as many structures as possible, and to use R.O.S.I.E. and DECOY to protect the base and draw enemy fire. In more mobile missions, Bull Rush can be used to quickly move around the map and take out enemies.

Final Thoughts

The Ice King is a great hero for base defense missions, but may not be as useful in more mobile missions where his slow movement speed can be a hindrance. However, his Frozen Castle perk and defensive abilities can make him a valuable addition to any team.

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