Hybrid fortnite guide

Hybrid is a unique constructor hero in Fortnite: Save the World. He is a dragon-themed hero with fire-based abilities. In this guide, we will discuss his story, perks, skills, how to play him, and our final thoughts on this hero.

Story of Hybrid

Hybrid is the last of his kind, a dragon from another world who found himself stranded on Earth. He quickly realized that the only way to survive was to blend in with the humans, so he took on a human form and began to live among them. But as the Storm grew stronger, Hybrid felt compelled to use his powers to fight back against it. He became a hero and joined the fight against the Husks.

Perks of Hybrid

Hybrid’s main perk is “Fire of the Dragon,” which increases the damage of all fire weapons by 27%. This perk can be especially useful when facing fire-resistant enemies. Additionally, he has standard Constructor perks such as “Creative Engineering” which increases the health of structures and “Mega Base” which extends the reach of his BASE.

Skills of Hybrid

Hybrid’s three skills are Dragon Slash, Kunai Storm, and Throwing Stars. Dragon Slash is a sword attack that deals fire damage in a straight line. Kunai Storm is an ability where he throws a fan of kunai knives that deal both physical and fire damage. Throwing Stars is an ability where he throws three shuriken that deal fire damage.

How to Play Hybrid?

Hybrid is a unique constructor hero that focuses on dealing damage with his fire-based abilities. He is best played as an offensive constructor, dealing damage and clearing out enemies with his skills.

Dragon Slash is useful for quickly clearing out groups of enemies, while Kunai Storm and Throwing Stars are better suited for taking out tougher enemies. Additionally, his Constructor perks allow him to strengthen his structures, making him a great choice for base defense missions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Hybrid is a great hero for players who enjoy playing aggressively and dealing damage with fire-based abilities. His Dragon Slash and Kunai Storm skills are especially effective at clearing out enemies, and his Constructor perks make him a great choice for base defense missions. If you’re looking for a hero that can deal heavy damage while also providing strong defense for your structures, Hybrid is definitely worth considering.

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