Sgt. Tank Gatling fortnite guide

Sgt. Tank Gatling is a powerful Constructor hero in Fortnite with a unique set of abilities that focus on defense and crowd control. Here’s a guide on his story, perks, skills, how to play him and final thoughts:

Story of Sgt. Tank Gatling

Sgt. Tank Gatling is a tough and determined soldier who specializes in defending his allies from enemy attacks. He’s always on the front lines of battle, using his powerful armor and gadgets to take down enemies and protect his team.

Perks & Skills of Sgt. Tank Gatling

Sgt. Tank Gatling’s primary perk is Bouncy Shield, which creates a sonic wave that deals damage to enemies within a 0.5 tile radius whenever Goin’ Constructor blocks an attack. This makes him an effective tank and crowd control hero. Below are the 3 skills of Sgt. Tank Gatling:

  • Goin’ Constructor: This ability allows Sgt. Tank Gatling to transform into a powerful melee fighter with a massive shield and gatling gun. He can use this ability to deal massive damage to enemies and block incoming attacks.

  • Bull Rush: This ability allows Sgt. Tank Gatling to charge forward, dealing damage and knocking back enemies in his path. This can be used to clear out groups of enemies and create space between you and incoming threats.

  • Plasma Pulse: This ability places a device that deals energy damage to enemies within its range. This is useful for dealing with groups of enemies and protecting choke points.

How to Play Sgt. Tank Gatling?

As Sgt. Tank Gatling, your primary role is to defend your allies and control the battlefield. You can use Goin’ Constructor to take down enemies up close and personal, while Bull Rush and Plasma Pulse can be used to clear out groups of enemies from a distance. Make sure to keep an eye on your surroundings and always be ready to block incoming attacks with your shield. Use Bouncy Shield to deal extra damage to enemies and keep them at bay.

Final Thoughts

Sgt. Tank Gatling is a powerful and versatile Constructor hero that excels at crowd control and defense. His abilities allow him to take on large groups of enemies and protect his allies from harm. If you’re looking for a hero that can hold down the fort and keep your team safe, Sgt. Tank Gatling is a great choice.

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