Sentinel Hype fortnite guide

Sentinel Hype is a hero in Fortnite Save the World who is part of the “Space Explorers” set. She is an alien warrior who comes from a distant planet to help save Earth from the invading Husks. She has the ability to use advanced technology to construct defensive structures and can use her gadgets to deal damage to enemies.

Perks of Sentinel Hype

Sentinel Hype’s main perk is Going and Going, which increases the duration of her DECOY ability by 1.5 seconds. This makes it easier for her to distract and control enemy mobs, allowing her to defend objectives more effectively.

Skill of Sentinel Hype

Sentinel Hype’s three skills are DECOY, R.O.S.I.E., and Plasma Pulse.

  • DECOY is a gadget that creates a decoy that distracts enemies and draws their fire away from the objective. It lasts for a short duration and has a medium cooldown, but with Going and Going, it lasts even longer, making it more effective at controlling enemy mobs.

  • R.O.S.I.E. is a stationary weapon that can be deployed by Sentinel Hype to deal damage to enemies. It has a long duration and can be upgraded to deal more damage, making it an effective tool for defending objectives.

  • Plasma Pulse is another gadget that creates a pulse of energy that damages enemies in a small area. It has a short duration and a medium cooldown, but it can be upgraded to deal more damage and have a larger area of effect.

How to Play Sentinel Hype?

As Sentinel Hype, your main focus should be on using your defensive abilities to control and distract enemy mobs. Your DECOY ability should be your go-to gadget, as it allows you to create a decoy that distracts enemies and draws their fire away from the objective. You can then use R.O.S.I.E. and Plasma Pulse to deal damage to enemies while they are distracted.

When using R.O.S.I.E., be sure to place it in a location where it can cover a wide area and has a good line of sight to incoming enemies. You can also use it to deal with larger enemies, such as Smashers and Takers.

Plasma Pulse is a great gadget for dealing with clusters of enemies or for finishing off low-health enemies. Use it when there are multiple enemies in a small area or when you need to quickly clear a group of enemies.

Final Thoughts

Sentinel Hype is a great hero for players who prefer to take a more defensive approach to the game. She excels at controlling enemy mobs and defending objectives, making her a valuable addition to any team. Her Going and Going perk makes her DECOY ability even more effective, and her R.O.S.I.E. and Plasma Pulse gadgets allow her to deal with enemies at range. Overall, she is a versatile hero who can be a valuable asset in a variety of situations.

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