Lynx Kassandra fortnite guide

Lynx Kassandra is a highly trained ninja and a member of the Midnight Brigade. She was born in the urban area of the city and raised on the streets. She learned the art of the ninja from an early age and honed her skills in the city’s alleys and rooftops. Kassandra was recruited by the Midnight Brigade due to her exceptional abilities and has since become one of their top operatives.

Perks of Lynx Kassandra

Lynx Kassandra’s Hang Time perk is great for getting out of tight situations. When you use her Kunai Storm ability, she will hover in the air for 4 seconds, making her harder to hit while increasing her damage output by 40%. This perk can be especially useful during intense battles where mobility and damage output are crucial.

Skills of Lynx Kassandra

Kassandra’s primary skill is Kunai Storm, which allows her to throw a barrage of knives in all directions, dealing significant damage to enemies within range. Her Throwing Stars ability allows her to throw a flurry of stars that can also hit multiple enemies, making it useful for taking out groups of husks. Finally, her Smoke Bomb ability creates a cloud of smoke that damages enemies inside and slows them down, making it easier for Kassandra to escape or maneuver around them.

How to Play Lynx Kassandra?

Kassandra is a highly mobile ninja, so take advantage of her skills to maneuver around the battlefield and avoid enemy fire. Her Kunai Storm ability can be used to take out groups of husks quickly, while Throwing Stars is great for single-target damage. The Smoke Bomb ability is handy for controlling large groups of enemies or for making a quick getaway. Don’t forget to use her Hang Time perk to increase her damage output and mobility during battles.

Final Thoughts

Lynx Kassandra is a great hero to have in your arsenal if you enjoy playing as a ninja. Her mobility, damage output, and crowd control abilities make her a valuable asset in any battle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies and loadouts to find the best playstyle for you.

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