lars fortnite guide

Lars is a famous musician in the Fortnite world, known for his ability to create amazing soundscapes and powerful beats. However, when the Husks began to invade, Lars put down his guitar and picked up a hammer, becoming a skilled Constructor who uses his musical abilities to create powerful structures that can withstand even the toughest attacks.

Perks of Lars

Lars’ main perk is “Bringin’ Down The House”, which grants a 12.5% chance to grant Rockin’ Riff when he eliminates an enemy with a Heavy attack. Rockin’ Riff is a powerful ability that increases movement speed, melee attack speed, and weapon reload speed for nearby allies. This perk can be especially helpful when fighting against large groups of enemies.

Skills of Lars

  1. Bull Rush: This ability allows Lars to charge forward with his shield, dealing damage and knocking back any enemies in his path. It’s a great way to quickly get out of dangerous situations and create some space between you and the enemy.
  2. DECOY: This ability deploys a holographic decoy that distracts and damages enemies. It’s an effective way to draw enemy fire away from yourself and your teammates, allowing you to focus on taking down the enemy.
  3. Goin’ Constructor: This ability allows Lars to transform his hammer into a powerful melee weapon that deals heavy damage to enemies. It’s a great way to quickly take out tough enemies, but it does have a limited duration.

How to Play Lars?

Lars is a Constructor hero who excels at defending objectives and creating sturdy fortifications. His Bull Rush ability allows him to quickly move around the battlefield and create space between himself and the enemy, while his DECOY ability can draw enemy fire away from himself and his teammates. When things get really tough, Lars can activate his Goin’ Constructor ability to deal massive damage to enemies.

To play Lars effectively, focus on building strong defenses around objectives and using your abilities to control the flow of battle. Keep an eye out for opportunities to use your Heavy attack to trigger Rockin’ Riff and give yourself and your allies an advantage in combat.

Final Thoughts

Lars is a fun and unique hero to play, with a focus on defense and heavy damage dealing. His abilities can be incredibly helpful in a variety of situations, and his perk can provide a significant boost to you and your allies. If you enjoy playing as a Constructor and want to try something a little different, Lars is definitely worth checking out.

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