Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle fortnite guide

Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle is a Constructor hero in Fortnite: Save the World. He specializes in creating a strong fortification that can withstand the toughest enemies. Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle was first introduced during the Horde Bash event in 2017.

Story of Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle

Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle is a master builder who can construct almost anything. He was once a construction worker who was tasked to build a new research facility for Ray and Homebase. After the Storm destroyed the facility, Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle was tasked with rebuilding it. With his knowledge and expertise, he created a fortified structure that withstood the Storm’s attack.

Perks of Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle

Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle’s main perk is “Feel The BASE,” which strengthens structures connected to his B.A.S.E. and grants them increased damage resistance. He also has the “Lofty Architecture” perk, which increases the height of structures connected to his B.A.S.E. Lastly, he has the “Power Modulation” perk, which regenerates a small amount of his shield each time a structure connected to his B.A.S.E. is damaged.

Skills of Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle

Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle’s primary skill is the B.A.S.E., which creates a large energy field around the Constructor’s built structure. The energy field can affect any trap attached to the structure, and any player standing inside the field gets increased shield regeneration.

His second skill is R.O.S.I.E, a stationary machine gun that deals heavy damage to any enemy in its line of sight. Finally, his third skill is Bull Rush, which allows him to charge forward and knock back enemies in his path.

How to Play Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle?

Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle is ideal for players who like to focus on fortification and defense. His B.A.S.E. ability provides excellent protection against incoming attacks, making him a valuable asset in any team.

To maximize his potential, players should focus on upgrading his B.A.S.E. ability, as well as his R.O.S.I.E. skill to deal more damage to enemies. Additionally, players should use Bull Rush to clear a path through hordes of enemies and to get out of dangerous situations.

Final Thoughts

Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle is a powerful Constructor hero that can create a solid defense against any enemy. With his B.A.S.E. ability, he can provide increased damage resistance and shield regeneration to his structures and teammates.

His R.O.S.I.E. ability allows him to deal heavy damage to any enemy in sight, while Bull Rush helps him move through tight spaces and escape danger. Overall, Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle is an excellent hero for players who prefer a defensive playstyle.

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