How to Get Stonks Fortnite Skin?

Stonks is a popular Fortnite skin that was introduced during the Chapter 2, Season 7 Battle Pass. The skin features a businessman wearing a suit and tie, with a white shirt and red tie, and is known for his comically exaggerated facial expression.

What is Stonks?

The Stonks skin is part of the Diamond Hanz set, which includes several other corporate-themed cosmetics, such as the “Stock Stream” contrail and the “Money Talks” emote. The set is a nod to the world of finance and the stock market, with the skin’s name being a reference to the popular internet meme about stocks.

One of the unique features of the Stonks skin is its built-in emote called “Stonks Dance,” which features the character performing a dance while surrounded by graphs and charts. The emote has quickly become a fan favorite and is often used by players to celebrate a victory or just to have fun.

Design of Stonks Fortnite Skin

In addition to its unique design and emote, the Stonks skin also comes equipped with a back bling called “Wall Street Wizards,” which features a stack of gold bars and a laptop. The back bling can be used with other skins as well, making it a versatile accessory for players who enjoy customizing their characters.

Final Thoughts

Stonks skin is a fun and unique addition to Fortnite’s collection of skins. Its corporate-themed design and humorous emote make it a popular choice among players who enjoy adding some personality and humor to their gameplay.

As Fortnite continues to evolve and add new skins, it will be exciting to see what other creative and unique characters are introduced to the game.

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