How to Get Ferrari in Fortnite?

Ferrari, the luxury car manufacturer, has recently made its way into the world of Fortnite, the popular battle royale game. This collaboration has resulted in the addition of a Ferrari-themed racing track and a drivable Ferrari car in the game. The inclusion of Ferrari in Fortnite has added a new level of excitement for fans of both the game and the car manufacturer.

The Ferrari Racing Track

The Ferrari-themed racing track, called the Ferrari 296 GTB Island, is a new addition to the game’s Creative mode. The track is designed to resemble a real-life racetrack, complete with twists, turns, and obstacles. Players can use the track to race against each other, and it includes various challenges and mini-games.

The Drivable Ferrari Car

In addition to the racing track, Fortnite players can also get behind the wheel of a drivable Ferrari car. The car is a Ferrari 296 GTB, which is a hybrid sports car that was recently unveiled by the car manufacturer. The car is available in the game’s Battle Royale mode and can be found in specific locations on the map.

Driving the Ferrari car in Fortnite is a unique experience, as it includes realistic car physics and handling. Players can use the car to traverse the map quickly, making it easier to avoid the storm and get to the safe zone.

Final Thoughts

The inclusion of Ferrari in Fortnite is a unique collaboration that showcases the game’s ability to partner with various brands and companies.

It adds a new level of excitement for players and car enthusiasts alike, and it’s an exciting addition to the game’s collection of content. With the success of this collaboration, it’s likely that Fortnite will continue to partner with other brands and companies to create new and exciting content for players.

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