How to Find End City in Minecraft?

The End City is a unique structure found in the End dimension of Minecraft. It is a towering city made of purpur blocks, and is home to several valuable items and unique enemies. In this post, we will discuss the history, behavior, and uses of the End City in Minecraft.

History of End City

End City was first introduced to Minecraft in the “Combat Update” (version 1.9) in February 2016. It was added as a new structure to the End dimension, which was also introduced in this update.

End City is one of the only structures in the game that is made entirely of purpur blocks, which are a unique type of block found only in the End dimension.

End City has several unique behaviors and characteristics that make it a valuable location in Minecraft. Here are a few examples:

  1. Structure: End City is a towering structure made entirely of purpur blocks. It consists of several levels, each with a variety of rooms and passageways.
  2. Valuable items: End City is home to several valuable items, including Elytra, which allow players to glide through the air, and Shulker Boxes, which can be used to store items and are easily transported.
  3. Enemies: End City is home to several unique enemies, including Shulkers, which can teleport and shoot projectiles at players, and Endermites, which are small, teleporting enemies that can be difficult to kill.

Uses of End City in Minecraft

End City has several uses in Minecraft, from practical to decorative. Here are a few examples:

  1. Exploration: End City is a unique and fascinating location in Minecraft, and is well worth exploring for the valuable items and unique enemies it contains.
  2. Combat: End City is home to several unique enemies, making it a challenging and rewarding location for combat in Minecraft.
  3. Building: End City’s unique architecture and blocks make it a valuable resource for building and creating interesting structures in Minecraft.


End City is a unique and valuable location in Minecraft, offering a variety of valuable items, unique enemies, and fascinating architecture. Whether you are exploring for practical purposes or just for fun, End City is a valuable and fascinating part of the Minecraft experience.

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