Harvester Sarah fortnite guide

Harvester Sarah is a Ninja hero in Fortnite: Save the World. She is known for her powerful scythe attacks and high mobility, making her an excellent hero for close combat situations.

Story of Harvester Sarah

Harvester Sarah is a former member of the Vindertech organization who was sent to investigate a strange occurrence in the Storm Shield. While there, she was overcome by the power of the husks and transformed into a fearsome warrior. She now uses her scythe skills to help defend the world from the Storm.

Perks of Harvester Sarah

Harvester Sarah’s main perk is “Scythe to Meet You”, which increases the damage of scythes by up to 75%. She also has access to other perks that improve her scythe attacks, as well as increasing her movement speed and reducing the energy cost of her abilities.

Skills of Harvester Sarah

Harvester Sarah’s skills include Smoke Bomb, Throwing Stars, and Dragon Slash. Smoke Bomb creates a cloud of smoke that damages and slows enemies, while Throwing Stars are a ranged attack that can deal damage to multiple enemies. Dragon Slash is a powerful ability that allows Harvester Sarah to charge forward with her scythe, damaging and knocking back enemies in her path.

How to Play Harvester Sarah?

Harvester Sarah is an excellent hero for close combat situations, so it is best to use her in melee range. Her scythe attacks are her main source of damage, so make sure to take advantage of her scythe-related perks.

Her mobility is also a great asset, allowing her to quickly dodge attacks and move around the battlefield. Use Smoke Bomb to slow down enemies and create an opportunity for a surprise attack. Throwing Stars can be used to deal with enemies from afar or to finish off low health targets.

Final Thoughts

Harvester Sarah is a strong hero for players who prefer close combat and scythe-based attacks. Her mobility and abilities make her a versatile hero that can handle a variety of situations. She is a great addition to any team and can help take down even the toughest of enemies.

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