Guardian Penny fortnite guide

Guardian Penny is a Constructor class hero in Fortnite: Save the World. She has a strong focus on hardware weapons and excels in building and defending structures. Her backstory tells us that she used to be a law enforcement officer before the Storm came, and now she uses her skills to defend the survivors.

Perks of Guardian Penny

  • Hardware Crit Rating: Increases critical hit rating with hardware weapons.
  • Kinetic Overload: Critical hits with hardware melee weapons trigger a kinetic overload, dealing damage and knocking back nearby enemies.
  • Tough Traps: Increases the durability of structures connected to the BASE.

Skills of Guardian Penny

  • Bull Rush: Charges forward, knocking back and damaging enemies in the way.
  • Plasma Pulse: Deploys a device that fires projectiles in a 1-tile radius, dealing energy damage to enemies.
  • DECOY: Deploys a life-sized dummy that attracts enemies and explodes after a short period of time.

How to Play Guardian Penny?

To play as Guardian Penny, focus on building and defending structures using her BASE ability, which increases the durability of walls, floors, and ceilings within its area of effect. Use Bull Rush to clear out enemies and Plasma Pulse to damage them from afar. DECOY can be used as a distraction for enemies or to give you some breathing room.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Guardian Penny is a strong choice for players who prefer a defensive playstyle and want to focus on building and protecting structures. With her ability to increase structure durability and powerful hardware weapon perks, she is a valuable addition to any team.

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