Guardian Knox fortnite

Guardian Knox is a Constructor hero in Fortnite: Save the World. He specializes in hardware melee weapons and defensive structures. His perks and abilities are designed to increase the damage of hardware weapons and provide effective crowd control.

Story of Guardian Knox

Knox is a former soldier who was stationed at a military base. When the Storm hit, he was one of the few survivors and began working as a contractor for Ray and Homebase. He is known for his strict adherence to protocol and his focus on the mission.

Perks of Guardian Knox

Knox’s standard perk is “Hardware Crit Rating” which increases the critical hit rate of hardware weapons by 18%. His commander perk, “Hardware Crit Damage,” increases the critical hit damage of hardware weapons by 75%. These perks make Knox a formidable force with hardware weapons.

Skills of Guardian Knox

Knox has access to three unique skills: Bull Rush, Plasma Pulse, and DECOY. Bull Rush allows him to charge forward with his shield, knocking back and damaging enemies in his path. Plasma Pulse is a skill that deploys a device that shoots damaging energy bolts at nearby enemies. DECOY is a skill that creates a decoy to distract and taunt enemies, drawing their attention away from objectives or other players.

How to Play Guardian Knox?

As a Constructor hero, Knox is best suited for defending objectives and building structures to protect against the Husks. His Bull Rush ability can be used to quickly move between objectives and take out any enemies in his path. Plasma Pulse can be used to deal damage to large groups of enemies or to clear out a chokepoint. DECOY is a useful distraction tool that can be used to lure enemies away from objectives or players.

Final Thoughts

Guardian Knox is a reliable and effective hero for defending objectives and taking on large groups of enemies. His hardware weapon perks make him a force to be reckoned with, and his defensive abilities make him a valuable asset in any team composition. If you enjoy playing defensively and want a hero that can dish out some serious damage, Guardian Knox is a great choice.

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