How to Play Gold Knox in Fortnite?

Gold Knox is a Constructor class hero in Fortnite: Save the World. He is known for his demolition expertise and his ability to blast his way through obstacles with ease.

Story of Gold Knox

Gold Knox was a former stuntman who turned to demolition work when his acting career hit a rough patch. He quickly gained a reputation as one of the best in the business, and was recruited by Homebase to help take down the Husks.

Perks of Gold Knox

Gold Knox’s main perk is “Demo Derby,” which increases the damage of Bull Rush by 40%. He also has a passive bonus called “Destructive Crits” which increases the chance of critical hits by 10% when using hardware weapons.

Skills of Gold Knox

Gold Knox’s three skills are Bull Rush, Plasma Pulse, and DECOY. Bull Rush allows him to charge forward and knock back enemies in his path, while Plasma Pulse sends out a wave of energy that damages and stuns enemies. DECOY is a distraction that attracts enemies and explodes when destroyed, damaging nearby enemies.

How to play Gold Knox?

He is best suited for players who enjoy getting up close and personal with the Husks. Use Bull Rush to charge through large groups of enemies, while DECOY can help distract them while you deal damage with your hardware weapons. Plasma Pulse is a great crowd control tool, especially when used in conjunction with Bull Rush or DECOY.

Final thoughts

Gold Knox is a fun and powerful hero to play, especially if you enjoy demolishing everything in your path. With his Demo Derby perk and hardware weapon bonuses, he can deal massive damage to the Husks and clear a path for his teammates.

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