Freebooter Ken fortnite guide

Freebooter Ken is a pirate-themed hero in Fortnite: Save the World. He is a Ninja class hero with the ability to use Smoke Bomb, Dragon Slash, and Crescent Kick in combat.

Story of Freebooter Ken

Freebooter Ken was once a member of the feared pirate crew known as the Stormy Seas. After a battle with the Storm, he was stranded on a deserted island, where he honed his skills as a Ninja to survive. Eventually, he was rescued and brought to Homebase, where he now fights alongside the heroes to protect the survivors of the Storm.

Perks of Freebooter Ken

Freebooter Ken’s main perk is Sea Fog, which increases the duration of Smoke Bomb by 2 seconds and reduces the cooldown by 20%. In addition, he has a passive bonus that increases his melee critical hit chance by 18% when he is slotted in a Hero Loadout.

Skills of Freebooter Ken

Freebooter Ken’s three skills are Smoke Bomb, Dragon Slash, and Crescent Kick. Smoke Bomb creates a cloud of smoke that slows enemies and increases melee damage dealt to them. Dragon Slash is a powerful melee attack that damages all enemies in its path. Crescent Kick is a fast, spinning kick that deals damage and knocks back enemies.

How to Play Freebooter Ken?

As a Ninja, Freebooter Ken excels at melee combat and mobility. Use his Smoke Bomb to slow down enemies and deal extra damage with melee attacks. His Dragon Slash can clear out groups of enemies quickly, while his Crescent Kick is great for dealing with individual targets. Make use of his Sea Fog perk to keep Smoke Bomb available as often as possible.

Final Thoughts

Freebooter Ken is a fun and unique hero with a pirate twist. His combination of Smoke Bomb, Dragon Slash, and Crescent Kick make him a versatile hero in combat. His Sea Fog perk adds extra utility to his Smoke Bomb, making him a great addition to any Hero Loadout focused on melee combat. If you enjoy playing as a Ninja and want to add some pirate flair to your gameplay, give Freebooter Ken a try.

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