Fireflower Eagle Eye fortnite guide

Fireflower Eagle Eye is an Outlander hero in Fortnite: Save the World. Her appearance is based on the Eagle Eye hero with a different color scheme and floral accessories. She has a unique set of skills and perks that make her a valuable addition to any team.

Story of Fireflower Eagle Eye

Fireflower Eagle Eye is a skilled Outlander with a passion for flowers. She is always seen with a flower in her hair and has even been known to use her knowledge of plants to help with missions.

Perks of Fireflower Eagle Eye

Fireflower Eagle Eye’s standard perk is “Parting Gift,” which causes defeated enemies to drop a firecracker that explodes on impact, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Her commander perk, “Parting Gift +,” increases the damage of the firecracker and adds a slowing effect to enemies hit by the explosion.

Skills of Fireflower Eagle Eye

Fireflower Eagle Eye’s first skill is “Phase Shift,” which allows her to quickly move through space and avoid enemy attacks. Her second skill is “Shock Tower,” which deploys a tower that zaps nearby enemies with electricity. Her third skill is “Seismic Smash,” which creates a shockwave that damages and knocks back enemies in front of her.

How to Play Fireflower Eagle Eye?

Fireflower Eagle Eye is a versatile hero that can be played both as a damage dealer and a support hero.

  1. Her Parting Gift perk can be used to clear out groups of enemies and her Shock Tower can be deployed to take out enemies at a distance.
  2. Her Seismic Smash is useful for dealing with crowds of enemies or knocking back tougher enemies.
  3. When playing as Fireflower Eagle Eye, it is important to use her Phase Shift skill to quickly move around the battlefield and avoid enemy attacks.
  4. Her Seismic Smash can also be used to get out of tight situations and knock back enemies that are too close.

Final Thoughts

Fireflower Eagle Eye is a unique Outlander hero that brings a mix of damage and utility to the battlefield. Her Parting Gift perk is especially useful for clearing out groups of enemies, and her Shock Tower can be used to deal with enemies from a distance. Overall, Fireflower Eagle Eye is a great hero for players who want a versatile and fun playstyle.

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