Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy fortnite guide

Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy is a Legendary Soldier in Fortnite: Save the World. He is part of the Love Storm event, which is based around Valentine’s Day.

Story of Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy

Jonesy is a tough soldier who fought bravely against the Storm. But he has a soft spot for love, and during the Love Storm event, he finds himself drawn to a beautiful Love Ranger named Ramirez. Unfortunately, she has been captured by the Storm and it’s up to Jonesy to rescue her. Jonesy’s determination to save his love leads him to become the Fallen Love Ranger.

Perks of Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy

Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy has the unique perk “Fuel for the Fallen“. This perk grants additional energy to the player when they eliminate an enemy with a ranged weapon. The amount of energy gained is equal to 10% of the enemy’s maximum health.

In addition to this, Jonesy also has the standard perk “Frag Grenade Generation” which increases the player’s grenade generation rate by 35%. When slotted as the commander, the Fuel for the Fallen perk is upgraded to “Fuel for the Fallen+”, which increases the energy gain to 15% of the enemy’s maximum health.

Skills of Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy

Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy’s skills include Frag Grenade, Lefty and Righty, and Shockwave.

  1. Frag Grenade is a powerful explosive that can deal massive damage to groups of enemies.
  2. Lefty and Righty allows him to dual-wield pistols and fire them rapidly, dealing significant damage.
  3. Shockwave creates a powerful wave that knocks back enemies and can be used to clear out groups of enemies or to escape from dangerous situations.

How to play Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy?

Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy is a versatile soldier that can deal damage from range and up close. His abilities are particularly useful for clearing out groups of enemies and dealing massive damage to bosses. It’s important to use his abilities strategically and time them appropriately to maximize their effectiveness. Additionally, his reload speed perk is particularly useful for weapons with long reload times, allowing him to stay in the fight and deal more damage.

Final thoughts

Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy is a fun and unique soldier that is great for players who enjoy dealing damage and clearing out groups of enemies. His abilities are powerful and his perks make him a formidable force on the battlefield. Plus, his love story with Ramirez adds an interesting twist to the game’s lore. Overall, he’s a great choice for players looking for a fun and effective soldier in Fortnite: Save the World.

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