Enforcer Grizzly fortnite guide

Enforcer Grizzly is a Legendary Outlander in Fortnite: Save the World. This hero has a powerful ability that can shock and stun groups of enemies, making him a great choice for players who prefer crowd control tactics. In this guide, we will cover Enforcer Grizzly’s story, perks, skills, how to play him, and our final thoughts on this hero.

Story of Enforcer Grizzly

Enforcer Grizzly is a bear-themed hero who is always on the hunt for new gadgets and technology to help him in the fight against the Storm. He was originally a ranger in a remote forest, but he left his post to seek out the advanced technology of Homebase.

Perks of Enforcer Grizzly

Enforcer Grizzly’s standard perk is Bear Stare, which has a 45-second cooldown and causes shockwave damage that can stun and knock back enemies. The commander perk, Bear Stare+, increases the radius of the shockwave and causes it to deal more damage. Enforcer Grizzly’s class perks include Phase Siphon, which regenerates shield after phase shifting through enemies, and Bear With Me, which increases the maximum health of a bear by 50%.

Skills of Enforcer Grizzly

Enforcer Grizzly has three abilities: Shock Tower, Phase Shift, and TEDDY. Shock Tower creates a field of electricity that stuns and damages nearby enemies. Phase Shift allows Enforcer Grizzly to quickly move through space, avoiding attacks and getting into position to use his other abilities. TEDDY is a deployable bear turret that fires at enemies within range.

How to Play Enforcer Grizzly?

Enforcer Grizzly is a hero that requires a tactical approach to playing effectively. The key is to make use of his crowd control abilities to keep groups of enemies at bay while taking them down one by one. To do this, you’ll want to use Shock Tower and TEDDY to deal damage and stun enemies, while using Phase Shift to maneuver around the battlefield and get into position for the best shots. Be sure to keep an eye on your shield and health bars, and use your Phase Shift ability to get out of dangerous situations if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Enforcer Grizzly is a great choice for players who enjoy a tactical, crowd-control approach to gameplay. His abilities are focused on stunning and damaging groups of enemies, making him a strong choice for defending objectives or taking on waves of husks. If you enjoy playing as an Outlander and want to try a hero with a unique set of abilities, Enforcer Grizzly is definitely worth checking out.

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