Energy Thief Mari fortnite guide

Energy Thief Mari is a Legendary Ninja in Fortnite: Save the World. She is one of the heroes that can be obtained from the Collection Book, and is known for her unique abilities and perks.

Story of Energy Thief Mari

Mari was a student who was studying electrical engineering when the Storm hit. Her knowledge of electronics and electricity helped her survive and adapt to the new world. She soon became a skilled ninja, using her abilities to harness the power of energy to defeat her enemies.

Perks of Energy Thief Mari

Energy Thief Mari’s Standard Perk is Energy Siphon, which allows her to recover energy while dealing damage with her melee weapon. Her Commander Perk, Energy Siphon+, increases the amount of energy recovered and also grants energy to nearby allies.

Skills of Energy Thief Mari

Energy Thief Mari’s primary ability is Dragon Slash, which allows her to dash forward and deal damage to all enemies in her path. Her secondary ability is Smoke Bomb, which creates a cloud of smoke that slows enemies and deals damage over time.

How to Play Energy Thief Mari?

Energy Thief Mari is a powerful ninja that excels in close combat. She is best played as a melee fighter, using her Dragon Slash to quickly close the gap between herself and enemies. Her Smoke Bomb can be used to slow down enemies or to escape when things get too intense. With her Energy Siphon perk, she is also able to sustain herself and allies with energy while dealing damage with her melee weapon.

Final Thoughts

Energy Thief Mari is a versatile hero that is great for players who enjoy playing as a ninja and want to focus on melee combat. Her unique energy recovery perks and powerful abilities make her a valuable addition to any team.

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