Electro-pulse Penny fortnite guide

Electro-pulse Penny is a Legendary Constructor in Fortnite: Save the World. She is a skilled engineer who loves to tinker with gadgets and machines. Her expertise in electricity and electronics makes her an excellent choice for fortifying structures against enemy attacks.

Story of Electro-pulse Penny

Penny was a technician at a power plant when the storm hit. She managed to stay alive by using her technical knowledge to build shelters and fortify structures. Eventually, she found her way to Homebase, where her skills were put to use building defenses against the Husks.

Perks of Electro-pulse Penny

The Standard Perk of Electro-pulse Penny is “Electrified Floors,” which causes any structure she builds to periodically emit a pulse of electrical damage to enemies standing on it. The damage is based on the building’s tier and material. The Commander Perk upgrades this to “Electrified Floors+”, increasing the damage and the range of the pulse.

Other Class Perks include “Recycling,” which allows her to recycle building materials for resources, and “Hardware,” which increases her melee damage.

Skills of Electro-pulse Penny

Electro-pulse Penny’s abilities are focused on fortifying structures. Her BASE ability creates an electric field around structures that damages any enemies that come into contact with it. She also has the Bull Rush ability, which knocks back enemies and destroys structures in its path, making it useful for clearing space around an objective.

How to Play Electro-pulse Penny?

As Electro-pulse Penny, your main focus is on fortifying structures to defend against enemy attacks. Use her BASE ability to create an electric field around key structures, and place traps to deal extra damage to enemies that try to breach your defenses. Additionally, her recycling ability can help you gather resources to build more defenses.

In combat, use her Bull Rush ability to knock back enemies and create space between you and the Husks. Her Hardware perk also makes her melee attacks quite powerful, so don’t be afraid to get up close and personal if needed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Electro-pulse Penny is an excellent choice for players who prefer to focus on building and defending structures. Her electrified floors and BASE ability make her a powerful defensive option, while her recycling ability can help keep your resources stocked up. If you enjoy playing a more defensive playstyle, give Electro-pulse Penny a try.

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