How to Play ED-EE in Fortnite?

ED-EE is an Epic Outlander in Fortnite: Save the World. He is a robot who specializes in gathering resources and dealing damage with his electrifying abilities.

Story of ED-EE

ED-EE was created by the Homebase engineering team as a versatile utility robot capable of gathering resources and providing support to the player. However, during the events of the game’s story, he gained sentience and developed a personality. He now acts as a loyal companion to the player, offering helpful advice and aiding in battles against the Husks.

Perks of ED-EE

ED-EE’s Standard Perk is called Overclocked. It increases his maximum Energy by 20 and reduces Energy cost of his abilities by 35%. His Commander Perk, Overclocked+, increases his maximum Energy by 30 and reduces Energy cost of his abilities by 50%.

Skills of ED-EE

ED-EE has three abilities:

  1. Shock Tower – Places a device that emits a shock wave every 0.5 seconds, dealing energy damage to nearby enemies for a short duration.
  2. Phase Shift – Moves a short distance in the direction currently faced, passing through walls and enemies.
  3. Anti-Material Charge – Charges forward, smashing through enemies and structures with a giant punch, dealing heavy physical damage.

How to Play ED-EE?

ED-EE is a great hero for players who want to focus on resource gathering and combat support.

His Shock Tower ability is great for dealing damage to groups of enemies, while his Phase Shift ability allows him to quickly move around the battlefield and dodge incoming attacks.

His Anti-Material Charge is also useful for quickly breaking down structures and gathering resources.

Final Thoughts

ED-EE is a unique and versatile hero in Fortnite: Save the World. His resource gathering abilities and combat support make him a great addition to any team. Players who enjoy playing an Outlander with a focus on gathering resources and dealing damage will find ED-EE to be a valuable hero to have in their arsenal.

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