Demolitionist Penny fortnite guide

Demolitionist Penny is a Constructor Hero in Fortnite: Save the World who specializes in trap placement and destruction. Her unique abilities and perks make her a formidable opponent in any game mode, able to set up deadly traps and protect her structures from enemy attacks. In this guide, we will explore the story, perks, skills, how to play Demolitionist Penny effectively.

Story of Demolitionist Penny

Demolitionist Penny is a tough and resourceful constructor who has made a name for herself as a demolition expert. She has a no-nonsense attitude and a love of explosives, which has made her a valuable asset in the fight against the Storm. Penny is always ready to protect her teammates and structures with her trap placement skills and her ability to demolish anything in her way.

Perks of Demolitionist Penny

Demolitionist Penny has several unique perks that enhance her abilities in combat. Her standard perk is Overclocked Traps, which increases trap reload speed. Her commander perk is Overclocked Traps+, which increases trap reload speed and grants an additional 15% damage to traps. Her class perks are Tough Traps and Unstoppable, which increase trap durability and melee damage.

Skills of Demolitionist Penny

Demolitionist Penny has several unique skills that focus on trap placement and destruction. Her Bull Rush ability allows her to charge forward, dealing damage and knocking back enemies in her path. Her Decoy ability creates a decoy that distracts enemies and draws their fire away from structures. She also has the standard constructor abilities of BASE, Plasma Pulse, and Recycling.

How to Play Demolitionist Penny Effectively?

  1. Use her trap placement skills – Demolitionist Penny is excellent at setting up traps to deal damage to enemies. Use her Overclocked Traps perk to quickly reload and place traps in key areas.
  2. Utilize her Bull Rush ability – Demolitionist Penny’s Bull Rush ability is excellent for clearing enemies out of the way and dealing damage. Use it to protect structures and knock back groups of enemies.
  3. Choose the right weapons – Demolitionist Penny is a constructor who can use a variety of weapons effectively. Choose weapons that complement her abilities and focus on dealing damage to structures.
  4. Upgrade her abilities – As you progress through the game, be sure to upgrade Demolitionist Penny’s abilities. This will increase her damage output, trap durability, and survivability.

Final Thoughts

Demolitionist Penny is a powerful constructor who can set up deadly traps and protect structures with her Bull Rush ability. Use her trap placement skills to deal damage to enemies, and utilize her Bull Rush ability to knock back groups of enemies. Choose the right weapons and upgrade her abilities to increase her damage output and survivability. With the right strategy and upgrades, she can be a valuable asset in any game mode in Fortnite: Save the World.

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