Dashing Hawk fortnite guide

Dashing Hawk is a legendary soldier in Fortnite: Save the World who can be unlocked from the Love Storm event. He is known for his speed and agility in combat, as well as his unique abilities that focus on stunning and dealing massive damage to enemies. In this guide, we will explore the story, perks, skills, how to play Dashing Hawk effectively.

Story of Dashing Hawk

Dashing Hawk is a soldier who fights for justice and the greater good. He was once a part of a government agency tasked with protecting the people, but he quickly discovered that the agency was corrupt and had its own agenda. He turned rogue and set out on a mission to expose their corruption and bring them to justice. His white mask and red love icon symbolize his passion for his cause, and the rose he holds represents the beauty and fragility of life.

Dashing Hawk’s Perks

Dashing Hawk has several unique perks that enhance his abilities in combat. His standard perk is Absolutely Stunning, which gives Lefty and Righty shots a 37.5% chance to stun the target for two seconds.

His commander perk is Absolutely Stunning+, which increases the damage of Lefty and Righty shots by 100% against stunned targets.

His class perks are Suppressive Fire and Stay Frosty, which increase the damage of his weapons and reduce the cooldown of his abilities.

Dashing Hawk’s Skills

Dashing Hawk has several unique skills that focus on stunning and dealing damage to enemies. His Lefty and Righty ability allows him to unleash a barrage of shots that stun enemies and deal massive damage. His Shockwave ability can knock back and damage groups of enemies, while his Frag Grenade ability can deal high damage to a single target or a group of enemies. He also has the standard soldier abilities of Goin’ Commando and War Cry.

How to Play Dashing Hawk Effectively?

  1. Choose the right weapons – Dashing Hawk’s primary weapons are assault rifles and pistols. Choose powerful weapons with high damage and accuracy to maximize his damage output.
  2. Utilize his Lefty and Righty ability – Dashing Hawk’s Lefty and Righty ability allows him to unleash a barrage of shots that stun enemies and deal massive damage. Use this ability to take down high priority targets or to control crowds of enemies.
  3. Use his Shockwave and Frag Grenade abilities to deal damage – Dashing Hawk’s Shockwave and Frag Grenade abilities can deal high damage to groups of enemies or to a single target. Use them to take down groups of enemies quickly or to deal massive damage to a high priority target.
  4. Upgrade his abilities – As you progress through the game, be sure to upgrade Dashing Hawk’s abilities. This will increase his damage output, mobility, and survivability.

Final Thoughts

Dashing Hawk is a powerful soldier that can deal massive damage to enemies while also providing mobility and support to his team. With the right strategy and upgrades, he can be a valuable asset in any game mode in Fortnite: Save the World. His stunning abilities and high damage output make him a formidable opponent, and his mobility makes him a difficult target for enemies. Use his abilities wisely and choose powerful weapons to make the most of his potential on the battlefield.

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