Is Brie Larson Joining Fortnite as Paradigm?

Brie Larson is a popular Hollywood actress known for her roles in films such as Captain Marvel, Room, and Kong: Skull Island. In 2019, Larson revealed that she was a fan of Fortnite and even played the game during breaks on film sets. Later that same year, she announced that she would be entering the game as a new skin called Paradigm.

What is Paradigm in Fortnite?

The Paradigm skin features a futuristic, high-tech suit that is modeled after Larson’s character in the film Captain Marvel. The skin includes several customizable options, allowing players to choose between different colors and styles. The skin also includes a built-in emote called “Go Goose,” which features the character holding a cat and dancing to music.

Larson’s addition to Fortnite as Paradigm was met with excitement from fans of the game and the actress alike. Larson even tweeted about the skin’s release, expressing her excitement to be a part of the Fortnite universe.

The addition of Larson as Paradigm is just one example of how Fortnite continues to incorporate popular culture and media into its content. The game has featured skins based on popular films, TV shows, and even real-life celebrities, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters and personalities.

Final Thoughts

The addition of Brie Larson as Paradigm in Fortnite is a fun and exciting development for fans of the game and the actress. The skin’s futuristic design and built-in emote make it a popular choice among players, and its inclusion in the game highlights Fortnite’s commitment to incorporating popular culture into its content.

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