How to Play Archetype Havoc in Fortnite?

Archetype Havoc is a legendary soldier in the popular video game Fortnite: Save the World. He is considered one of the most powerful heroes in the game due to his unique abilities and excellent combat skills. In this post, we will delve into the various features and abilities of Archetype Havoc and explore how players can use them to their advantage.

Abilities of Archetype Havoc

Archetype Havoc is a ranged soldier hero that focuses on dealing damage from a distance. He has a powerful set of abilities that make him a valuable asset in any team. His base stats are also impressive, with high damage, health, and shield, making him one of the strongest soldiers in the game.

One of Archetype Havoc’s most notable abilities is his Shockwave. This ability causes an explosion that deals significant damage to all enemies in its radius, knocking them back and stunning them for a short period. This ability is useful for clearing out groups of enemies or dealing with troublesome enemies that are hard to kill.

Another ability that makes Archetype Havoc stand out is his Frag Grenade. This ability allows him to throw a grenade that explodes on impact, dealing massive damage to all enemies caught in the blast. The Frag Grenade is perfect for taking out large groups of enemies or dealing with bosses that have high health.

Archetype Havoc’s third ability is his Goin’ Commando. This ability allows him to use a mounted machine gun that deals heavy damage to all enemies in its path. This ability is perfect for dealing with enemies that are hard to hit or that have a lot of health.

In addition to these powerful abilities, Archetype Havoc also has a passive ability that makes him even more deadly. His Bullet Storm ability increases the rate of fire of his weapons and reduces their recoil, making it easier for him to hit his targets and deal massive amounts of damage.

Final Thoughts

Archetype Havoc is an excellent choice for players who want a strong and versatile soldier hero. He excels at dealing damage from a distance and has a variety of abilities that make him a valuable asset in any team. Whether you are playing solo or in a group, Archetype Havoc is sure to be a reliable and powerful ally.

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