how to play 8 bit demo

8-Bit Demo is a hero in Fortnite that belongs to the “Constructor” class. This hero brings a unique style to the game with his retro 8-bit aesthetic and an array of abilities that make him a formidable force on the battlefield. In this guide, we will take a closer look at 8-Bit Demo’s abilities and provide tips on how to use them to maximize his potential.

Ability 1: BASE

8-Bit Demo’s primary ability is his BASE, which can be placed on the ground to create a force field that boosts the effectiveness of structures within its area of effect. This ability is especially useful when defending objectives, as it can significantly increase the durability of walls and floors.

Ability 2: Bull Rush

The Bull Rush ability is a charge attack that sends 8-Bit Demo forward in a straight line, damaging and knocking back any enemies in his path. This ability can be used to clear a path through husks, giving you time to set up defenses or escape from danger.

Ability 3: DECOY

The DECOY ability creates a holographic decoy that attracts enemies and distracts them from the objective. This ability is especially useful when combined with the BASE ability, as it can help draw husks away from walls and floors, increasing their durability.

Ability 4: Recycling

The Recycling ability allows 8-Bit Demo to break down structures and convert them into resources. This ability is especially useful for players who like to build a lot of structures, as it can help replenish resources quickly.

Tips For Playing as 8-Bit Demo

To get the most out of 8-Bit Demo, it’s essential to use his abilities strategically. Placing the BASE ability in a central location can help maximize its effectiveness, as it will cover a larger area. Additionally, using the Bull Rush ability to clear a path through husks can be a lifesaver when defending objectives.

When using the DECOY ability, it’s important to place it in a location that will draw husks away from walls and floors, rather than just attracting them to the decoy. This will help ensure that your defenses remain intact and are not overwhelmed by husks.

Finally, when using the Recycling ability, it’s important to be mindful of the resources you have available. Breaking down structures that you don’t need can help replenish resources quickly, but doing so indiscriminately can leave you vulnerable to attack.

Final Thoughts

8-Bit Demo is a unique hero in Fortnite, with a set of skills that make him an excellent choice for players who like to build and defend objectives. By using his abilities strategically and building a loadout around his strengths, players can maximize his potential and become a formidable force on the battlefield.

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